PMP Training courses online

PMP Training courses are now available online with a fully advanced teaching mechanism.

PMP Training courses are now available online with a fully advanced teaching mechanism.

PMP® is for project managers who want to:

  • To get better in project management
  • Invest in their careers;
  • To be different.


Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is a reliable way to validate your knowledge and professional experience. It has international validity and is widely recognized in Bulgaria.

PMP® certification is not tied to a specific methodology or industry. He is sought after in IT, construction, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance and more. PMP® certification is an indicator of your dedication to the profession and your commitment to developing and maintaining up-to-date knowledge and abilities. It makes you part of the prestigious professional community of over 660,000 PMI® Certified Project Managers worldwide.

Certified professionals enjoy a number of benefits, such as higher pay, career development opportunities, and employer recognition.


The Project Management Professional (PMP®) course is a prerequisite for passing the PMP® certification exam at PMI®.

The PMP® course provides a framework for good project management practices that:

  • Organizes and complements knowledge from practice;
  • Reduces the risk that the project will not deliver the intended results;
  • It reduces the risk of the project going beyond the constraints of the work schedule, budget and resources.

Duration: 5 days / 40 students. o'clock Hours: 09:00 - 16:30 Language: English

1. Getting Started with Project Management 2. Project Management and the Organization 3. Working with Project Management Processes 4. Initiating a Project 5. Planning a Project 6. Planning for Project Time Management 7. Planning Project Budget, Quality, and Communications 8. Planning for Risk, Procurements, and Stakeholder Management 9. Executing a Project 10. Managing Project Work, Scope, Schedules, and Cost 11. Controlling the Project 12. Closing a Project


  • PMP® Certification Preparation Tutorial based on PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition;
  • 35 PDUs;
  • Certificate of completed training;
  • PMP Training course materials from
  • Shared experience with other participants in the course and lecturer.

PMP Lecturer

Liam James begins his professional career as a computer specialist, being a systems administrator and database administrator for the first 5 years. From 2008 to 2010, he was the leader of technology teams, receiving multiple awards for his excellent work in this role.

Between 2011 and 2018, he was the IT Manager at Facebook Inc., responsible for business development, IT, information security, customer service. He has experience as a team leader for 50 people at HP. He has led complex transformation projects in IT, telecoms, finance, retail and building maintenance.

Since 2018, he has been Business Development Manager, focusing on strategic management, sustainable development programs and process optimization with Lean and Six Sigma.

It is not uncommon to achieve high learning outcomes by approaching each student with attention, encouraging teamwork and the exchange of experience between participants. This helps the new material to be perceived with ease, and the exercises with real case studies contribute to the rapid applicability of what has been learned in the work environment.


I went into training to successfully prepare for the exam and improve my performance in certain aspects. Everything from my training was helpful. The lecturer did a great job. Answer all questions with examples.

Peter Samuel

Extremely qualified, except in the subject itself, but also as a coach. My rating is 9/9 on all 5 criteria. He manages to convey the material in a fascinating way. The training was very well structured, with enough examples and theory.

Samantha Peterson

I was fascinated by the level of service provided. Somewhat exceeded my expectations for a lecturer. Extremely dedicated to the process and experienced in Project Management. Sharing examples after each key phase and terminology helped me understand the matter faster.

John Blake

The course is a perfect balance between theory and practice. Nedko's communication and technical skills are at the highest level.  Angel Ivanov Team Leader, Accountant Department Very useful course, great experience, very effective coverage of the large volume of material in PMBOK.

Philip Libres

Most useful in training was the acquisition of knowledge of "tools" and techniques that I would put into practice. I am impressed with the presentation skills of the lecturer, as well as his communication skills and the practical application of his knowledge throughout.

Victoria Queens

An exceptional combination of theory and practice. Very logical, synthesized and comprehensively presented. The training exceeded my expectations. The instructor was able to keep us focused, motivate us to share experiences, ask questions and get the most out of those 5 days.

Barbara James

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