Product Management Certification

Product Management Certification is a process of validating knowledge in product areas such as marketing, advertising and design disciplines such as usability and consumer experience. At the same time, management skills and confident management of product development in the right direction, following the goals of the business, are an additional factor for the certified product manager.


Product Management Certification has no long history, with the first certification programs being created in the last decade with the rise of modern product companies and the consumption of manufactured products. Internet technologies have given a new look to product work by presenting ideas for software principles of usability and customer satisfaction today.

Types of Product Management certification

There are several types of product management certifications. The first type is a typical software and modern stream regarding software, interactive and virtual products. A popular product management certification in this area is that of BVOP.

The other types of certification relate to traditional and classic marketing and sales, and are more product-oriented and product-oriented. In these cases, product managers are responsible for the good market development of the product.

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