Scrum Master Certification

Scrum Master Certification is a process of validation of in-depth knowledge of Scrum processes and rules that the Scrum Master role should know perfectly.

Scrum Master Certification is also the successful result of the process of validating and evaluating the knowledge of the Scrum Master role in a document or diploma.

Types of Scrum Master Certification

There are many types of Scrum Master Certification but in particular, the following three main types are considered:

Scrum Master certificates of the next generation, showing in-depth knowledge and skills in a variety of Agile Practices.

Scrum certificates related to classical understanding and implementation of scrum.

Scaled Scrum practices and processes related to project management with multiple teams working in parallel on one product or related products.

Certification process

Each certification organization has its own way of certifying its students.

Many organizations require physical or online visits to training courses with a minimum of hours covered.

The disadvantage for applicants is that once they pay a course fee and then they usually have to pay an exam fee.

Some organizations offer full online certification by providing their training materials for free, and applicants only pay the exam fee.

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