Scrum Team questions and answers (FAQ)

There are always many questions to start with when implementing the Scrum model of working in software teams. These answers must be given.

There are always many questions to start with when implementing the Scrum model of working in software teams. These answers must be given.

The Scrum Master role should best respond to all inquiries regarding Scrum methodology in new teams. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Scrum Master role beforehand to understand the need for this information to be provided to the team. Here are the questions we received from our colleagues and what our new Scrum Master answered each question.

Can I retain my current project manager role and not participate in Scrum roles?

Angela Smith, Project Manager   Hi Angela Thanks a lot for the question. There are only three roles in Scrum: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team. You will retain your role as a project manager.

I don't see Scrum supporting my role. What will this mean for my career in our company?

'' Andrew James, Technical Manager''   Thanks a lot for the question. There are 3 roles in Srum: Development Team, Scrum Master, Product Owner. As a technical manager, you join the Development Team. This team includes not only programmers, but designers, architects, engineers, quality control, business analysts, and anyone else who is actually working on the project. I am available for other questions.

Do I have to participate in the events being talked about? I am a designer and I see no point in attending meetings that do not concern our design. If I have to take part in these modern introductions, I can easily find a job at another company.

Lilana Martinez, graphic designer

Hi Lilana, Thanks a lot for the inquiry. I understand that introducing a new method of work is difficult to adopt at first, and maybe you don't see the point. The truth is that we do it just to make your work more productive, organized and to produce much higher quality results as a team. Scrum has 3 clear roles - Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development Team. The Development Team includes all the people who work on the project. You, as a designer, also belong to this team and you need to attend these meetings. I assure you that they will be effective and will not be a waste of time for you. You are a very valuable staff for the company and we would not want to lose you. Many companies work for Scrum. If you have the desire, we could meet to answer your questions and hopefully be able to change your mind.

I do not understand exactly Scrum will improve our work. Can you just explain?

William Robertson, programmer

Dear William, Thank you very much for the opportunity to answer your question. I hope you were able to get to know the principles of Scrum. What will change our work, most of all, is the fact that we will split our work into different stages - sprints and each team member will have clearly set tasks for the next 2 weeks. Every day we will analyze the development and at the end of each sprint we will present to the client the work done, we will get feedback and we will be able to analyze which processes can change for the next sprint. We will avoid continuous changes to the plans because Scrum Spread changes only at the end of each sprint. Each one will be much more focused and have a clear focus and purpose. Read How to manage support work in Scrum Did I manage to answer your question? I am available for more questions. Don't hesitate to look for me! Greetings

I am very excited about integrating Scrum into our work and I am looking forward to getting started. Can anyone tell me what and how I will do exactly?

Kate Jones, Senior Public Relations Expert

Hi Kate, Thanks a lot for the question. There are only 3 clear roles in Scrum: Scrum Master, Product Owner and Development team. Unfortunately, your position does not fit into the role of Scrum. What I can offer you is a little guidance on how you can apply Scrum principles to your team. I am sure they will make your team's daily life much more productive and the results will be many times higher. I will be glad to meet.

I have read a bit about Scrum and would like to be promoted to the Product Owner position. I ask for an answer as to whether my request will be granted.

Amanda L, Advertising Manager

Many thanks for your interest in the Product Owner position. Product Owner is one of three roles in the Scrum team and its position is to protect the interests of the development team and the client. He plays the dress, so to speak, of a mediator. For this position, we are looking for someone who has a little more technical knowledge, because tasks will need to be prioritized, and the Product Owner is in constant contact with developers and is well-versed in their work. We are a company that is just implementing this way of working, so employees with more experience are preferable, but in the future, if there is a Junior position open, I encourage you to apply.

I would like to participate in Scrum roles as Product Owner. I do not mind fulfilling all my current duties, as well as being assigned new ones that I would gladly learn and master.

''Stephen Baldwin, Project Coordinator '' Dear Stephen, Thank you very much for your interest in the Product Owner position. I see that you are currently working as a Product Owner and I believe that your experience can be useful. I would love to have a meeting to meet you and tell me more about your experience so far, as well as answer all your questions. When will you be able to meet?

I would like to join the Scrum team as a Quality Master, or something like that, if possible.

Kimberly Cooper, Head of Quality Control   Thank you for the question. There are 3 roles in Scrum: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development Team. The latter involves not only programmers but everyone involved in the team. You, as a quality control manager, have a role in the project, of course, and it is possible to get involved as a Quality Master. I will be glad to arrange a meeting to tell you more and to get to know your experience so far.

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